Cepeda, ally to FARC terrorist leader, whines over increasing international scrutiny of his campaign of falsehoods against Álvaro Uribe.

Cepeda escorts FARC terrorist Jesus Santrich from jail. Santrich would go into hiding eight months later. Photo credit: La FM

Senator Iván Cepeda –ally to FARC terrorist fugitive Jesus Santrich – has spent over a decade making baseless, politically motivated accusations against former President Álvaro Uribe of Colombia.  Not one shred of material evidence has ever supported his accusations, and he cloaks himself in the prestige of his public office.  Cepeda’s ties to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), his groundless accusations, his actions to induce witnesses and obstruct justice all deserve scrutiny. 

But Cepeda cries ‘victim’ when the spotlight is on him, like he did today in a letter to the Supreme Court of Justice in Colombia.  He wants to silence Uribe to advance his own political aims, and silence any discussion of his track record. 

Here is a sample of Cepeda’s record:

  • In 2015, Rodrigo Echeverri, alias “Timochenko,” the then-supreme leader of the terrorist guerilla group, issued a veiled threat against a prosecutor investigating Cepeda’s illicit inducement of false testimony against Uribe, warning him not to hold Cepeda accountable.
  • Ivan Cepeda said in March 2020 he did not regret defending Santrich and would have no problem keeping a dialogue with FARC members despite their past histories of rape, massacres and drug trafficking.
  • Cepeda’s admiration and close relationship with the dictatorial regime next door in Venezuela is public knowledge. He praised Hugo Chavez as the “the architect of a new order in our continent” and said his legacy would live on “forever and ever.”

The “case” against Álvaro Uribe is a political sham that violates international standards of due process.  The international community deserves to know the truth.