Brandishing Machine Guns, Marquez and Santrich Endorse Sham Case Against Uribe

A new image published by the FARC shows Iván Marquez and Jesus Santrich.

The two closest allies of Colombian Senator Iván Cepeda from the terrorist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), Iván Marquez and Jesus Santrich, publicly threatened the democratic government of Colombia while promoting key elements of Cepeda’s political manifesto and the sham legal “case” against former President Álvaro Uribe.

The threat was accompanied by an image of Marquez and Santrich holding sophisticated assault weapons, presumably from their jungle sanctuary in Venezuela under the protection the dictatorial regime of Nicolas Maduro.

The statement affirmed the commitment by the terrorist organization to violently overthrowing the democratically elected government of Colombia, and its long-standing political vendetta against Uribe for his success at defending the rule of law in pursuit of defeating the FARC and obtaining justice for their victims.

Cepeda has repeatedly expressed his public solidarity with Santrich while the FARC leader remains under indictment in the United States as a narco-trafficker to finance his group’s terrorist operations.  In 2019, Cepeda was photographed escorting Santrich from detention after obtaining his release.  Santrich then escaped to a guerrilla camp and re-affirmed his call for violent overthrow of Colombia’s democratic government.

Senator Iván Cepeda poses with his FARC allies Jesus Santrich and Iván Marquez.

Cepeda and the FARC share the common objectives of replacing the democratically elected government of Colombia with a Marxist state and dismantling the U.S.-Colombia partnership on fighting drug trafficking and production.  Together, they have waged a propaganda war of false accusations against Uribe in order to destroy his legacy of defending democracy and the rule of law and silence him as a political figure. 

Uribe’s arrest without charge on August 4, 2020, gained international attention and scrutiny over possible political contamination of the Colombian justice system.  The politically motivated case was driven by false accusations from Cepeda, who induced false testimony from a witness.  Subsequent revelations have raised serious questions about unexplained financial payments to the judge who authored the arrest order, blatant violations of due process in the investigative phase, suppression of exculpatory evidence and documented lies under oath by the star witness in the case.  The Human Rights Institute for Justice and Peace (HRI) observed “evidence of arbitrary detention” in Uribe’s case “that violated his human rights” and warned that “democracy and the rule of law are seriously compromised when the universal guarantee and protection of human rights are manipulated or driven by ideology.”

The U.S. Embassy in Bogotá, on behalf of U.S. federal prosecutors who have sought extradition of Cepeda’s FARC allies for years, offered a $10 million reward for any information leading to their capture for their crimes.  

Perhaps the first person they should ask is Iván Cepeda, and then the judges who let Santrich escape.