Inter-Parliamentary Union Monitoring Alvaro Uribe’s Case

The Inter-Parliamentary Union, the global organization of national parliaments, announced it is monitoring the judicial case against former President Álvaro Uribe in Colombia.

In a letter to the Colombian Congress, Secretary General Martin Chungong presented a series of allegations brought before the IPU’s Committee on Human Rights of Parliamentarians, which cite serious judicial irregularities in the former president’s case.

The request for information comes as committee prepares to discuss Uribe’s case when it meets later this week. According to the letter, the committee “examines allegations of parliamentarian human rights violations”, and asked Senator Arturo Char, president of the Colombian Congress, to provide the committee with an “official position” on the allegations brought before the IPU. 

Alvaro Uribe was arrested without charge on August 4 and held under house arrest for more than two months before being freed by a legal guarantees judge on October 10. Uribe’s case has been plagued with judicial irregularities and violations of due process, which highlights the need for international monitoring.

The IPU joins several other international organizations monitoring developments in the case against the former president. Most recently, Congressman Francis Rooney (R-FL) called on the Organization of American States (OAS) to “closely monitor” the case against Uribe raising serious questions about the former president’s legal guarantees and application of due process.  Additionally, the Human Rights Institute for Peace and Freedom (HRI), part of the World Jurist Association (WJA), issued a statement saying it “has observed evidence of an arbitrary detention”.