MONSALVE LIED: “Star Witness” admits sworn document was false

In a newly released recording, “Star Witness” Juan Guillermo Monsalve admits he lied in a sworn document where he alleged threats were made against him by Álvaro Uribe Velez’s lawyers.

The lies of Juan Guillermo Monsalve, the “star witness” in the sham case against Álvaro Uribe Velez, now extend to a document he had legally sealed with his own fingerprint in 2018 for the Supreme Court, swearing that Uribe’s lawyers had threatened his life as a means of witness tampering.  The document is central to the allegations against the former Colombian president, but on August 24, in testimony under oath during an administrative hearing, Monsalve admitted that it was false.

According to recordings of the hearing released this week, Monsalve was questioned under oath about the document he filed in 2018 with the Supreme Court of Justice alleging threats against his life. “Last week, two of former President Uribe’s lawyers asked me to sign some documents and, if I didn’t, I had to suffer the consequences and my whole world would collapse,” Monsalve says in the complaint, adding he feared being poisoned or hurt, and requesting to be given better accommodations in prison.

When pressed on August 24, Monsalve admitted it was all a lie: the star witness of Senator Iván Cepeda’s politically motivated case against Uribe admitted that neither of Uribe’s attorneys ever threatened him or his family. 

For more than two years, Monsalve’s allegations at the center of Cepeda’s case have never been tested by cross-examination of Monsalve, or simply comparison of his Supreme Court testimony with video footage from the jail which clearly indicated he had repeatedly lied.  The glaring discrepancies revealed by Colombian investigative journalists are the newest in a long list of judicial irregularities in the case against Álvaro Uribe driven by the principal ally of the FARC in Colombia.

These latest revelations further expose Monsalve as a pathological liar willing to change his story when it benefits him most, including incriminating innocent people to get better food and a nicer cell in prison. The Supreme Court of Justice basing their entire investigation on Monsalve’s testimony is a clear indication that the case against Alvaro Uribe Velez is nothing short of legal sham and his arrest is “arbitrary,” as described by international human rights organizations.